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About The Maker

Hi, it's me Amber! The cake maker of your wildest dreams! But before there was cake... I got married to my dreamy hubby Tony, and we had three ridiculously amazing kids Laila, Elijah, and Levi. They are my biggest fans and my hearts delight all day, everyday! Okay, now back to the sweet stuff.  I started baking cakes six years ago in Milton Massachusetts for a non-profit called "Birthday Cakes 4 Free" my family would bake and deliver cakes to children and seniors who were not able to afford a cake on their special day. During that time, it really allowed me to find my own style.  I can now say with confidence, that my aesthetics is PNW inspired! I don't use fondant, and I try my hardest to incorporate the seasons most beautiful fresh organic flowers. I love a good mood board to set the tone for my next cake design.  Taking the time with each client to dream up, sketch, bake, and deliver their perfect cake. Each cake is custom designed and executed with your vision in mind, add in a whole lot of my heart and soul, and BAMMMM... There ya have it...  Now let's get BAKED!