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5 reasons you should always eat cake at your wedding

If there is one thing I know for sure, CAKE is always a good idea! Now add it to a wedding ceremony, and it brings on a whole new meaning.  Here are the top 5 reasons YOU should have cake at your wedding...

1. Good Fortune: Yep, I said it... Having a wedding cake at your celebration of love, means good freakin' fortune. Who doesn't want to start off the first day with the love of their life knowing good fortune is in their future. No brainer if ya ask me!

2. Fertility: Whoa! Shut The Front Door... The wedding cake, at the wedding of your dreams will bring you BABIES! That is magical.

3. Quality Ingredients: Your dream wedding cake should be made with only the best ingredients. Which means, you'll have a long lasting, rich, and happy marriage.  Farm fresh eggs, decadent chocolate, and only the best butter are allowed.

4. Good Luck: Anyone that eats a piece of your wedding cake, gets GOOD LUCK. That's it... You get a piece, and you get a piece, and YOU GET A PIECE!

5. The Bride Cuts the First Piece: I thought is was because she's the BOSS? Well it is that, but it also provides good fortune in the marriage too. Double score!

There are a few things to remember here; You should always eat cake at your wedding, not just because the stomach is the way to the heart. But because you'll have good fortune, good luck, and lots of babies!

Eat Cake & Create.



BONUS: Here is one of my favorite go to White Wedding Cake Recipes from "I Am Baker". Enjoy!


A mini wedding cake for two. Love never looked so SWEET!

A mini wedding cake for two. Love never looked so SWEET!